"After the Storm" co-presented by Independent Lens and the Washington Post

On the fourth anniversary of the monster tornado that ripped through Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I'm really excited to present the interactive documentary project "After the Storm." Produced with Helios Design Labs out of Toronto and funded by ITVS, this interactive doc is a kind of hybrid lyric essay. It was a delight to work with Independent Lens and the Post, and I'm thrilled that the project is being seen by so many people. Here's the Independent Lens page, and here's a Q&A with me about producing the piece. Oh, and here's a Q&A between me and the designers talking about the challenges and the excitement of working on a piece like this. 

You can experience the piece for yourself here. It's optimized for modern browsers (Chrome or Safari is best) but a streamlined version with less navigability is available for mobile and older platforms. 


"A Call From Selma" debuts on the New York Times

A recent short I produced with Chip Brantley and a few of our students has been picked up by the New York Times as part of their Op-Docs series. We were thrilled to share Clark Olsen's story and felt deeply honored by how much he let us into his life. Be sure to check it out if you haven't already! 


"After the Storm" coming to SXSW

"After the Storm," my interactive documentary/essay hybrid is coming to SXSW in March! I'm excited to have a formal release of the project tied to a panel I'm leading entitled "Tool Kit for Crafting an Interactive Documentary." With Cathy Fischer, our production manager from ITVS, and Mike Robbins and Alex Wittholz, my incredible graphic and web-design team from Helios Desing Labs in Toronto, we'll be talking about the development of the project and the ways that filmmakers and techonologists can become full collaborators. If you're in Austin, buy us a beer! 

Also, check out our teaser for the project here. This website will have more launch details as we get prepared to release the project. 


"Eating Alabama" honored by national James Beard Award!

We were thrilled to learn that "Eating Alabama" has just won the James Beard Award for Best Documentary! The JBF Awards honor not only great restaurants and restaurantuers, but also broadcast media in print, television and film. Glad to be among such a distinguished group of nominees and winners! 


"The Durrs of Montgomery" wins big at the Southeastern Regional Emmys

We were very pleased to learn last week that "The Durrs of Montgomery" picked up three Emmys in Atlanta during the Southeastern Regional Emmy Awards. The film was nominated in four categories - photography, editing, sound design and Best Historical Documentary. The only place we got robbed was in the photography category - and it was indeed a robbery, since Justin's work on the movie was really beautiful. But a hardy congrats to Nick Punch (audio) and Paul Rogers (editing).

If you haven't seen the film, you can watch it for free on APT's Vimeo channel here.

I like to think that Virginia would be pleased. That's my favorite picture of her, sitting in the den at Pea Level, regaling some visitor with stories and theories and admonishments.