While we didn't win the Emmy (the honor went to Frontline's incredible "Inheritance") I was fortunate to get to work with my design team at Helios the very next day at POV's Digital Lab. Hosted by the venerable PBS show, the Digital Lab is a hackathon where filmmakers and coders and design folks get together for 48 hours to create and build a new project. My partner Chip Brantely and I are building a companion piece to the episodic podcast "In Fact" that we're currently developing. The idea is for each episode of the podcast to have a standalone interactive documentary component. And Helios graciously decided to join us and do all the heavy lifting! We were thrilled with what we accomplished in such a short amount of time, and we were honored by the other participants with the "Participants Choice Award" at the end of the weekend. It was a great time, and I hope we'll be able to release more about our work soon! Stay tuned! In the meantime, here's the prototype of the first interactive piece called, "The Boat."