I'm in the thick of production on "Eating Alabama" these days. Moving back and forth between small organic gardens, fancy restaurants, huge agribusiness farms, and agricultural themed beauty pageants. Because of my teaching schedule, the summer is really my only time to work fulltime on films. That means I've got about eight weeks to finish the bulk of my shooting before we move into the editing phase. I'm fortunate to have a partnership with Alabama Public Television and I'm really fortunate to have funding from the Independent Television Service. ITVS is a dream to work with, and I look forward to the national distribution the film will recieve when finished. Here are some stills from recent shoots.

At the Walker's farm in northern Tuscaloosa County planting Roundup Ready soybeans.David Snow picking Swiss Chard out at Snow's Bend in Coker.The road leading to the Colony (commonly called "Old Bryce") where there used to be a huge sustainable farm.Frank Stitt recieves delivery of heirloom tomatoes for Bottega and Highlands.The weekly cattle auction at the Moulton Stockyard.The outgoing 2009 Miss Peach and her court take their final bow at the 2010 Miss Peach Pageant in Chilton County.